Thursday, October 14, 2010

The fight to save KTRU goes on!

**The fight to save KTRU goes on!**

Rice University is still trying to sell KTRU’s 91.7 FM frequency, broadcast tower and FCC license to the University of Houston. President Leebron announced yesterday that a purchase agreement has been signed, but the fight to save KTRU is far from over.

**Friends of KTRU have retained a law firm to battle the proposed sale of KTRU’s FCC license**

Friends of KTRU, a group of concerned students, alumni, and community members, has retained the law firm Paul Hastings to battle the proposed sale at the Federal Communications Commission, which conducts a public process to approve or deny any transfers of ownership of radio broadcast licenses. Visit to read the press release announcing the beginning of the legal battle.

**Join our Mailing List**

If you didn’t also receive this message as an email from, be sure to visit and join our mailing list, to be kept informed about what you can do to stop the sale. Messages to the mailing list will be infrequent, containing only the most important information. Tell your friends to sign up too!

**Join the Protest at Homecoming**

If you are coming to Rice for Homecoming, pick up a free Save KTRU t-shirt and wear it around campus.

- Look for a KTRU booth in the RMC (Rice Memorial Center) on Friday afternoon.
- Meet current student and community DJs at Valhalla on Friday evening to talk about the situation.
- On Saturday, join up with the Save KTRU crowd at noon for a Save KTRU tailgate party before the football game, complete with hot dog cart and music. Look for the KTRU banner in the stadium parking lot. Then wear your Save KTRU t-shirt to the game.
- Stay tuned to, our Facebook page, and our Twitter feed for possible changes in events, times & locations.

**In a few weeks, KTRU will need you to write a letter to the FCC**

Because the application for sale has not yet been filed, the FCC isn’t yet accepting letters from the public for the file that must be opened on the proposed sale. Please look out for an email from in the next few weeks with information on how you can write to the FCC in support of KTRU keeping its license and frequency.

**Donate to help Save KTRU**

Consider donating to help stop the sale of KTRU’s FM frequency, license and transmitter. Your contributions will help publicize KTRU’s plight and fund legal strategies. Go to to find out how.

**To learn more about KTRU and how to help stop the sale, please visit**

KRIEG review in Onion AV Club

Not just an imaginary group whose T-shirt your avatar can wear in Rock Band 2, Krieg is a real band with a new record, The Isolationist (Candlelight), that you can buy and listen to. A must-have for fans of basement-recorded American black-metal lunacy, The Isolationist is an aptly titled blast of haunting solitude, helped immensely by guest appearances by Noctuary’s Joseph Van Fossen and Leviathan’s Wrest, a likeminded collaborator if ever there was one.,44907/

Nokturnel plays Katy, TX

Nokturnel, Consumned, Engaged In Mutilating, Scattered Remains, Unnecessary Surgery, Perversum, Nephilim Terror, Atwttb, venomous Supremacy, Architects of the Unworthy

Bash of the Titans
Saturday, November 6, 2010 at 3:00pm
Duane's Hellshack, Katy, TX


From Audrey Ewell and Aaron Aites, filmmakers of "Until the Light Takes Us":

Hello! We're super happy to tell you that the Until The Light Takes Us DVDs and Blu-rays have arrived. If you order today, you will have it early next week. Exciting! The single disc is probably of no interest, but the Double DVD and Blu-ray have (the same) 4 hours of extra features. Yep.

Limited Edition 2 Disc DVD set & Blu-Ray Extras:
* 36 minute Black Metal short film of deleted scenes
* Alternate ending
* Outtakes
* The Cutting Room with musicians not in the film including: Enslaved, Ted "Nocturno Cutlo" Skjellum from Darkthrone, and Jørn "Necrobutcher" from Mayhem
* Plus more with Ulver, Immortal, Jan Axel "Hellhammer"
Blomberg, Gylve" Fenriz" Nagell and Kjetil "Frost" Haraldstad,
* 46 more minutes of Varg Vikernes
* And our personal favorite: a 45 minute class on the history of black metal with Fenriz

DVDs have Spanish and English and French subtitles. They will only be shipped to America, Canada, Mexico and South America. The Blu-rays are identical to the 2Xdvd (they look better), but are ZONE FREE NTSC - they can be shipped anywhere and they will play in MOST but NOT ALL Blu-ray players.

Just in time for Halloween! We're thrilled that it's finally here. Enjoy!

You can have it as early as Monday if you order today! For people out of this region: stay tuned, we'll have something for you very soon!

- Audrey and Aaron

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